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Pottery Restoration Kit



Pottery Restoration Kit & Home Study CD's

 The restoration kit contains mostly all of the supplies you need to begin restoring pottery, porcelain and china.

It includes all of the paints, glazes, fill material, molding material, handtools, magnifying glasses,paint supplies, such as brushes and paint trays, gloves, safety glasses, sanding supplies, both cds, our continued support for any questions that may arrise and much more.

To purchase the kit will save you alot of time ordering supplies and finding all of the misc. items that you will need.

It does not include the airbrush, air compressor and the dremel tool.

 This kit is given to the students of our 1 week class so that they will be able to start when they get home.

This kit also includes our 12 volume 2 cd set guide to pottery repair.

One cd is step by step restorations instructions with close up photos and detailed instructions.

The other cd is drop by drop color recipes.

The cost of the kit is 550.00 + 25.00 shipping.

"No Questions asked" or full return within 7 days of receiving date.


Thank you for your interest.

Questions always welcome. 


Bid with Confidence! GPSA Member

Glass & Pottery Sellers' Association


These Cd's were created by us using the Flip Album program.

They have proved to be a great way to learn pottery restoration in your home and at your own pace.

The pages are turned with a click of the mouse.


The pages on the left side of your monitor explains what is being done.



100% Customer Satisfaction

"No questions asked" or full refund with safe return within 7 days of receiving date.

This program is a wonderful way to learn Pottery Restoration at your own pace.

A wonderful hobby that can easily become a home business.


Thank you for your interest.

Questions always welcome.

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